sansche yoga is on maternity leave, a bit earlier than originally planned but sometimes things are beyond control and right now my body takes decisions for me… My due date is on July 16th, but I keep an open agenda as to when I will be back in business. You can stay updated via my newsletter, FB or by visiting this page :) Look forward to practicing together again once I am… Read More

It’s the time of the year where people often give their house a proper spring clean. Our body and mind deserve the same. With this energising and rejuvenating practice we get rid of all the old and dusty. A balanced combination of pranayama (breath work) and physical focus on twists will help soak up fresh energy and “fertilise” both body and mind for new things to grow more succesfully.   We allow two… Read More

Not the person needs to adapt to yoga but yoga must adapt to the person! Only in one-to-one teaching with the full attention of the teacher this principle is really applied to the fullest. A private class is tailored to fit your personal abilities, goals and needs. Whether there’s a posture you’d like to explore in more detail or maybe you simply want to refine your practice and address questions that arise along… Read More

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a newbie – welcome your baby to these rejuvenating yet energising classes! There are designed for the two of you! Prenatal Yoga nurtures the nurturer and provides space to retreat from your daily commitments in order to access your intuitive ability to respond to the many pregnancy-related changes with acceptance and grace. More experienced practitioners will learn how to safely adjust the yoga practice to… Read More